Not exactly a perfect cruise

A previous post described how we set about proving Murphy’s Law is real. It is with credible amazement that I continue that story now! No, we were not quite finished with challenges on this fantastic 14-day transatlantic cruise and this was not exactly a perfect cruise.

Watch where you are walking!

Yes, I am of that advanced age where my doctor’s office visits begin with the question, “have you fallen recently.” So far I have not been asked if I “can remember falling,” but I am sure that is on my near horizon. When did I become a potential fall risk?

Not exactly a perfect cruise.

Technically not a “fall.”

Five or six days into our cruise, I walked across our cabin without noticing Steve was sitting on the end of the bed with his feet extended. Yes, I carelessly tripped over his feet. I fell flat on the ground – hard, broke my fall with my right hand, and hit my left knee solidly.

Steve quickly got an ice pack, and I sat with it elevated and iced for a while, but it continued to swell. The fall was so spectacular that I decided it was necessary to go to the infirmary. Let’s keep this to ourselves, please. I do not want to become labeled a fall risk, especially since I did not fall; I tripped.

Very efficiently run infirmary

A pleasant staff member brought a wheelchair to our cabin and wheeled me down to the infirmary on deck one. Not surprising, the infirmary is similar to a doctor’s office, only in a small space. I never thought in a hundred years that I’d be in the infirmary on a cruise ship, but that is what happened.

The medic x-rayed and poked my knee, finally declaring I had no broken bones. It was a different experience but not one I wish to repeat. I didn’t have my hand looked at, which was probably a mistake.

My knee is doing perfectly fine, but my hand is still a problem—a fix for a later date. Discovering the knee was not broken made it easier for me to attempt to walk on it, and fortunately, I could walk acceptably by the next day. No more wheelchair for me, thank goodness.

We had just one other somewhat major issue, but I will discuss that later. I am pleased to say the remainder of our cruise, other than that major issue, was terrific, and we enjoyed our time at sea tremendously.

The Vision of the Seas

Steve and I sailed on Royal Caribbean‘s Vision of the Seas once before. That cruise was very similar to this one, a transatlantic crossing to Barcelona, although the first cruise sailed from Galveston instead of Fort Lauderdale as this one did.

Not exactly a perfect cruise

We enjoy sailing on the smaller ships more than the larger ones. On a smaller ship, we encounter familiar faces after a day, both fellow travelers and the staff, and the cruise has more of a small-town vibe than a big city vibe.

So far, we have never been on one of the enormous cruise ships, so that opinion is subject to change maybe one day. We are booked on a somewhat larger ship, Carnival Splendor, for another transoceanic cruise in September and look forward to discovering that ship on our 23-day sailing.

Despite our continued challenges, we did manage to have an excellent time for most of the cruise. We met amazing people, had delicious food in substantial quantities, and enjoyed great entertainment. We also spent a lot of time relaxing, doing absolutely nothing.

Fellow Guests

One of the most enjoyable aspects of our travel, particularly on cruises, is meeting and getting to know our fellow travelers, even for a brief time.

One of the most interesting and engaging people we encountered was Douglas. Douglas explained that he is a member of a Steampunk Naval Expedition group, who are individuals that enjoy cruise travel and dress in Victorian-era science fiction attire.

Not exactly a perfect cruise

We spotted Douglas as we were waiting to board the ship. He wore a pink seersucker suit, bowtie, and straw hat, sporting a magnificent handlebar mustache. It was as if we had just stepped back into the 19th century!

I first talked to Douglas on the ship a day later when he was wearing this magnificent suit complete with an animated dragon on his shoulder! What an interesting fellow! He graciously accepted my intrusion and spent a few minutes explaining his clothing choices and the Steampunk group.

Not exactly a perfect cruise

Douglas is a gentleman that is truly enjoying his life to its fullest. I expect eccentric or strange might cross your mind, but Steve and I found him wizardly intelligent and a fantastic storyteller with incredible stories. Incidentally, Douglas is also a professional Santa Claus!

Main dining

One of the highlights of our cruise is always meals in the elegant main dining room, and on this cruise, our main dining experience was delightful. We chose the 5:30 pm dining time and were seated at a table for six, right at the very door of the restaurant.

The food, service, and ambiance were great, but we did not enjoy our doorway location, where every guest walked past us to their tables. The maitre d’ moved Kathy and Steve, our new dinner companions, and us to a table for ten in a perfect central location.

Two other couples were already seated at our new and improved dining location, making us a table of eight strangers dining together for fourteen days! What a terrific experience.

Each couple: Kathy and Steve from Idaho, Cathy and Ken from Florida, and Roberta and Steve from Las Vegas; while all are younger, they are all seasoned travelers with terrific stories to share and valuable travel suggestions hints, and experiences to share.

Each couple has a fantastic adventure planned in various locations throughout Europe at the end of the cruise. For example, Cathy and Ken are experienced hikers and plan to hike Spain’s famous Camino de Santiago trail. The hike is several hundred miles long and makes my feet hurt even to write about!

Each couple has similarly unique and exciting adventures planned post-cruise. Steve and I were both fascinated to hear about their plans and their life experiences through travel. It was great to spend time with people who enjoy travel as much as we do and with different modes and styles of travel.

You don’t need all that stuff

The most important takeaway from our evening dining conversations is that we grossly overpacked for our trip. Each of these couples managed to pack so very lightly with minimum luggage. They are either taking advantage of the ship’s laundry service or handwashing in their cabins.

Not exactly a perfect cruise

Cathy and Steve are traveling for over a month-long adventure with only one backpack each, NO SUITCASES! I am in absolute awe of how they were both immaculately, stylishly dressed each time we saw each other.

Cathy wore almost exclusively black clothing, but never once did she appear to me to be wearing the same outfit! How did they do that? We chose to bring an entire large extra suitcase to pack cruise clothes in and then an additional suitcase each for our Ireland portion of the trip. Sheesh, so unnecessary.

They hand wash clothing each day in their cabin, but the clothing they choose for travel is very high-quality specific travel clothing that washes and dries easily and quickly. So smart!

Steve and I may never be able to travel as efficiently as these guys, but we will forever be grateful for the travel packing lessons learned from these folks.

Sights around the ship

Activities of all kinds happened all around the ship, something for everyone.

Not exactly a perfect cruiseNot exactly a perfect cruise

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  1. I love reading about your wonderful adventures. Always something fun and exciting!!

    1. Thank you! We are having a great time roaming about.

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